YouTube Tutorial c — Overview of course, Introduction to Keynote

Getting Started with Keynote

To get started creating a YouTube video, you must create some sort of scope and sequence of what you wish to do. It may be a full-blown storyboard or it may simply be a series of bullet points.  Then you will make your first point into a Keynote slide.

In the series of bullet points below, a few words were used to describe each of the sixteen sections of the video. Each of these points represents a different Keynote slide or YouTube video that will be in the main video.

Each point has a link to the explanation of how to make it.  Note that this is an overview of the YouTube tutorial.   You should start this tutorial by going to the section below these 16 bullet points.

1. Title and 8 pictures fly in with comet transition.
2. Definition of Gurn Two samples fly in.
3. Google Earth video ending in Egremont.
4. Overview of contest. Four pictures fly in.
5. Large samples of pictures.
6. Black & white movie clip.
7. Moving clips with freeze frames.
8. “Winner is” text with picture.
9. For his prize…
10. Collage, upload, etch plaques, etc.
11. Plaque, 100 years
12. Much more, treasured photo
13. Two Glass Sun Catchers
14. Multiple pictures
15. Order your precious memories
16. Final clip

Title and Eight Pictures

laser etched photosFrom the client’s point of view, the purpose of the video is to sell laser-etched photos. Humor is used to get the potential customers involved in hearing the message.

funny face contest introYour client wants random potential customers to watch the video that can be found at So, “funnyface”, “contest” and “dot com” will be sliding in to help people remember the domain name. Then eight funny faces will slide in to establish the mood.

Introduction to Keynote

1. Open your Keynote program.
2. Click File > New.
3. Chose “white” for a theme.
Keynote double click4. Click on the two places it tells you to double click. Delete.
5. Select Insert > Text box.
6. Double click on the text box and add “funny”.
Keynote colors icon7. Double-click on “funny” and press Cmd B to make it bold.
8. Click outside of the text box and then on the text box again.
9. Cmd C to copy the text box into the clipboard.
10. Cmd V each time you wish to make a new text box.
11. Select “funny” and then the color icon.
12. In order to make each word stand out, make the “funny” blue, the “face” purple, the “contest” blue and the “.com” purple.
show Rulers in Keynote13. Select View > Show Rulers.
14. The rulers will help you create the correct proportion of height to length. Do not let any image or text go below 22 on the vertical menu or beyond 44 on the horizontal menu.

Before continuing with this first Keynote slide, you must collect some photos to add to it. That and the rest of the Title & 8 Pictures lesson will be explained when you go to the
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To find a number of free ScreenFlow videos, go to the ScreenFlow website & then click on Resources.

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