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Create and publish YouTube videos

If you go through this tutorial diligently and take good notes about the video creation software, you will be able to create very good YouTube videos by the time you are finished.

Create movement within your videos

Keynote rulersTo make it look really professional, you should use a PowerPoint-type program. We use Keynote in this tutorial.

Keynote allows you to have movement in your video.  You can have text moving in using a variety of different patterns.   You can have pictures moving into  and out of your video in a number of different patterns.  You can even have movies flying into your main video so that several videos are playing at the same time.

Easy-to-make complex videos

The concepts in this YouTube tutorial are taught in an easy-to-understand way. Most things are taught with screenshots to help you visualize what the tutorial is trying to say.

You will quickly learn how to make videos with a wide variety of special effects. If you forget how to do something, simply click on the appropriate term in the index to refresh your memory.

Free trial of video creation software

Link to 24 Things You Can Do with ScreenFlowOn the previous page we recommended that you use ScreenFlow. If you have lots of time available, you could probably learn enough to make your first few YouTube videos with the free trial.  All features of ScreenFlow are fully functional in demo mode. The only limitation to ScreenFlow prior to purchase is that it watermarks exported video.

Getting started with ScreenFlow

The video below explains the first few steps for getting started learning ScreenFlow 7.x.  To watch lots of explanatory videos, go to the ScreenFlow website & click the Resources tab.

We also recommended that you use Skitch. Skitch is free and most likely always will be. Download your free program now.

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