Using Keynote to Move Text and Images

Overview of using Keynote lesson

using Keynote Photo on MarbleYou will be using Keynote to make text fly in. Following that the photo will be flipping in using Keynote transition feature.

Watch the video below to see 29 different Keynote text effects you can use in your ScreenFlow videos.



Using Keynote to create the For His Prize video

1. To begin using Keynote, open the program and choose the white theme.
2. Delete the two text boxes.
3. Select “text box” and key in For his prize we’d like to laser etch him a photo on marble from
 keynote Colors icon4. You want people to remember the web address. So, select the words one at a time, select the colors icon and click on the appropriate colors.
5. Cmd B to make the text bold. Cmd+ to increase the size of the font so that it fills two lines.
Keynote build Inspector6. Click View > Show Rulers. Then drag in the color photo of the winner. Make it as large as possible. (Not beyond 22.) Select the text and then Inspector.
7. Select Build in > Effect > Fly in > Right to left.
8. For “duration” select 3.50 s.
9. Select the photo.
10. Select Build in > Flip > Top to bottom.
11. Click on the play button to test your presentation.
Sc reenFlow camera Icon12. Open ScreenFlow and click on the camera icon.
Keynote play button13. Use Keynote play button and record the presentation several times.
14. In ScreenFlow choose the presentation that has the best timing. Discard the rest of the clip.
Film Reel Directors Chair GHOSTED Learn ScreenFlow15. Set the aspect ratio to 1280 x 720.
16. After you are happy with your ScreenFlow video, save it as ForHisPrize .
17. Because this video is out of order, you cannot paste it onto the end of World Gurning Championship until later.

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