Audio Editing a Silent Video with ScreenFlow

More about audio editing your smartphone video

In this lesson you will learn more about audio editing with ScreenFlow.

Video and Audio Editing a Black and White Clip

1. Open ScreenFlow so that you can begin audio editing a silent clip.
2. Click on File > New Recording. black screenFlow Menu
3. Make sure “Record audio from” is checked and “built-in microphone” is selected.
4. Go to the YouTube video below. 5. Write a (preferably goofy) script to go along with that video.
camera Icon 6. Making sure the black menu has been closed, click on the movie camera icon and then selecting “record”.
7. Play the YouTube video again.
8. After it is finished
♦ Select the camera icon and click “stop record”.
♦ Delete the audio timeline.
♦ Save the file as BlackAndWhite .
9. Split clips, choose the best ones, arrange them in order and create a new video. Make sure the video fits properly into the canvas. Save it. black screenFlow Menu
10. After you are happy with your video, save it as an MP4 file and drag it into a Keynote slide.
11. Open ScreenFlow and click File > New recording.
12. Make sure you have selected “built-in microphone”.
13. Click the “x” in the upper left-hand corner to close the menu.
record audio from built-in microphone14. After you click the record from audio button, notice that the drop-down box give you two choices: The built-in input choice  records from a microphone connected to the computers.  The built-in microphone choice will record your voice as you speak into the computer’s microphone.
15. Turn ScreenFlow on again and start playing your new MP4 file in Keynote.
16. As you are recording it, read the script that more or less matches your video.

Audio Editing with ScreenFlow

17. Stop the ScreenFlow recording and save it.
18. The wavy green shapes are the sound waves.
19. If you are new at this, decide to spend a while just experimenting. You can choose two sets of sound waves and delete everything else on the audio timeline.
20. (Note that you want to keep your audio clips as narrow as is reasonable. When you are audio editing the music, the part where you are speaking will automatically be softened if you have set things up properly. You do not want the music to be soft where no one is speaking.)
21. Separate those two sets of waves and line them up with the correct video one at a time. tiny video and audio clips
22. If there is any video that is not important to the story, delete it.
23. When you are satisfied with your final product, select all of the clips, right click and choose “Group”.
24. After you choose Group, all four clips will move together as one unit.
25. Make sure you like the way your script follows the video. (If you chose a goofy style, it is okay to be very goofy).
26. Edit your new video, save it in ScreenFlow and then upload it to YouTube .
27. You now have a video that will be your sixth clip in your final tutorial project .
28. Open World Gurning Championship in ScreenFlow.
29. Open your LargeSample ScreenFlow video and save the clip in your clipboard. Paste it onto the end of World Gurning Championship and save it.
30. Then paste the group of clips from BlackAndWhite onto the end of World Gurning Championship and save it. If you look at the video below, you will see how the black and white video was inserted into the main video.

Audio filters to make videos sound professional

You can use ScreenFlow to filter unwanted sounds from your video. You can enhance other sounds. Watch the YouTube video below.

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