Sweet Lorraine Song-writing Contest After 75 Years

Original Song-writing Contest at Green Shoe Studios

composer sweet lorraineyounger Fred and Sweet LorraineThe recording studio was not expecting to produce the Sweet Lorraine song.  They were simply expecting a really good YouTube video.

Instead a 96-year-old man had written a song about his Sweet Lorraine. Before you watch the Sweet Lorraine video, have your tissues ready.

sweet lorraine full screenTo watch this in full screen mode, click on the full screen icon. Press Esc to return to this page. To see more videos in this genre, go to this website.

Comments about Sweet Lorraine

Listening to Sweet Lorraine reminded me of my marriage of four decades.  We hung in there.  We never gave up on figuring out how to solve our marital problems.  Now we enjoy practically every minute of being together.

A relative once asked me why we have such a great marriage.  We had a long conversation about it. I realized that we had discovered four simple little secrets.  Practically any couple could have a super happy marriage if they practiced these simple little secrets.  In order from least to greatest importance they are:
4. Regularly do a wide variety of fun things together.
3. Treat each other with consideration and respect every minute of every day.
♦ I Peter 3:7 says Treat your wives with consideration and respect so that your prayers will not go unanswered.  I meditated on that verse for a long time.  Then I decided that it meant I should treat my wife with consideration and respect every minute of every day.  Otherwise, my prayers may not be answered. My wife eventually decided she should treat me the same way.
2. Read the Bible out loud together every day.
♦ We all seem to have slightly different value systems.  That’s one big factor in marriage conflicts.  The Bible is absolutely full of wisdom about every personal value point imaginable.  If people let the Bible be their final guide, they will be well on their way to having a successful marriage.  We forget so easily.  We really should read it regularly to keep all of the wisdom in the front of our minds.
1. Pray out loud together every day.
♦ The Focus on the Family people once published a survey on divorce in America.  They had all sorts of different scenarios in which divorce was involved: What is the probability of divorce if a couple was married by a justice of the peace?  What is the probability of divorce if a couple was married in a church? And so on.

There was one group of couples that had a much lower probability of divorce than any other group.  Their probability of divorce was one in a thousand.  They were couples who prayed out loud together every day.

Sweet Lorraine Assignment

Watch the Sweet Lorraine video again.  This time watch it from a video creator’s point of view.  You will notice a number of different techniques that are used to make people want to watch the video.  This includes:
♦ For a while, the videographer recorded himself in both audio and video.
♦ Later you could hear the videographer’s voice but images passed in front of your eyes.
♦ Text slowly moved into the screen.
♦ Handwritten text moved along the screen as it was being spoken.
♦ Etc.

Your assignment is to write down all of the different video-creation techniques that you can find.  Make up a story in the same genre as Sweet Lorraine but much different.  Using ScreenFlow, make your story into a video.

If you do not have ScreenFlow, download a free trial copy and use that to make the video.

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