Google Earth Video with Clips Sped Up

Making a Google Earth Video

Google Earth VideoThe third clip in your video is a Google Earth trip from North America to Egremont, United Kingdom.
camera IconTo get started, click on your ScreenFlow camera icon and select record. Immediately open up your Google Earth program and search for Egremont, United Kingdom.

Before you start your search, ScreenFlow will have started recording all of the activity that is on your computer monitor. After Google Earth arrives at Egremont and stops moving, you can go up to the camera icon and select “stop record”. (Keep in mind that Google Earth may not have completely loaded up the first time. Google Earth may be a bit jerky.  You may have to take a second trip to Egremont before you select “stop record”.)

Watch the Google Earth entire clip and repeat the instructions you used for your first ScreenFlow video. Then close that page to return to these instructions.

1. Decide which part of the clip you wish to keep.
ScreenFlow scrubber2. Move the scrubber to the point where you would like the clip to be split into 2 parts.
3. Right click and select “split clip”.
4. Select the part of the Google Earth clip that you want to discard and press the delete button. You will speed up the clip later. For now, make sure it is at least 25 seconds long.


Text and Annotations on Your Google Earth Video

The name of the town is not large enough to be obvious. So, you will add the name in larger text:
5. Move the scrubber to the point where the Google Earth map stops moving.
ScreenFlow text and annotations icons6. Click on “add text box” and then double click on the text box.
7. Change the word to “Egremont”.
8. Use the dropdown box to change the font style. Change the font size.
9. Click on the rectangle below “Solid Color”.
10. That will open up the colors panel.
11. At the bottom of the colors panel, change the opacity to zero.
12. Drag the text into the upper left-hand corner.
13. Move the scrubber to the end of the Google Earth map timeline. Drag the right-hand side of the text timeline so that it gets to the end of the scrubber.
Egremont Arrow with ScreenFlow14. Now you want to add an arrow between the name and the map. Click the annotations icon.
15. Click “Add annotations clip”.
16. Click beside your text and drag an arrow towards the Google Earth map.
17. Making sure the arrow is selected, click on the color rectangle.
18. Change the color to white.
19. Reduce the thickness.
20. You do not want the arrow to be a distraction. So, change the opacity to 50%.
positioning multiple ScreenFlow timelines21. Drag the left side of the arrow timeline so that it enters the video after the map.
22. Drag the right side of the arrow timeline so that it reaches the scrubber.

If you watch the YouTube Google Earth video below, you will notice that it is 39 seconds long. So, you will have to delete some parts and speed up the Google Earth part. If you watch the YouTube video on the next page, you will notice that it has been shortened to nine seconds.



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