Google Earth Video Trip to Egremont, England Sped Up

Speed up clips using ScreenFlow

The video below shows you how so speed up clips using ScreenFlow .

Speed up Google Earth Video Clips

ScreenFlow Popup Menu1. The five second rule says that people will get bored if there is not much change on the screen for longer than five seconds.
2. So, you will delete unnecessary parts from the 39 second video you made in the previous page. Then you will take the Google Earth clip and speed it up.
3. After you have deleted the unnecessary parts, select the Google Earth clip.
ScreenFlow Clip Inspector4. Hover over the lower left-hand corner to get a popup menu.
5. Select “show clip inspector”.
Speed up ScreenFlow video clips6. Drag the slider to the left to make the clip faster.
7. Drag the slider around and/or remove snippets of clip until you have the length you want. Shorten the arrow and text timelines to match the Google Earth map timeline. ScreenFlow two Google Earth ClipsDrag the scrubber to the right end of the map timeline and move the arrow and text timelines to match up.
8. Important note: The slider from point #7 works only for one clip at a time. So, if you have two clips, you have two choices:
a. Select both clips, right click and choose “nest clips”. That will
channest ScreenFlow video Clipsge the two clips into a single clip. This is the preferred alternative.
b. Shorten them separately so that the two times add up to 9 seconds.
9. Save your file as EgremontGoogleEarth.

Below is a Google Earth video that is too fast for anyone to get bored. Watch it to see what happens when you speed up video clips.

Now you will insert that Google Earth video inside another video. It will have moving text around it.

Text Surrounding Your Google Earth Video

Link to 24 Things You Can Do with ScreenFlowIf you look at the original YouTube video, you will see this text accompanying the Google Earth video: Every year in Egremont, England you can attend the World Gurning Championship. Your task is to create a YouTube video with the text and flames moving in a manner similar to what you saw in the original video.

1. While you are still in ScreenFlow and after your video is finished, click on File > Export. Save the file as EgremontGoogleEarth.mp4 to your desktop.
2. Open up Keynote and drag EgremontGoogleEarth.mp4 from your desktop to a new slide. (It may take half a minute to show up. Be patient!)
3. Add a text box near the top with these words: Every year in Egremont, England you can attend the. Have the words fly in from right to left.
4. Below the map have the words World Gurning Championship transition in with a “flame” effect.
Google Earth image transitions in5. The map flips in. In the inspector, change the order so that “Every year…” shows up first, the Google Earth shows up second and World Gurning Championship shows up third.
6. Test your Keynote slide by clicking the play button.
7. After you like it, save it as EgremontMapKey in Keynote.
8. Create a ScreenFlow video of your Keynote slide and save it as EgremontMap.

Adding Google Earth Video to Previous ScreenFlow Video

While in ScreenFlow , make sure EgremontMap and World Gurning Championship are both open.

screenFlow video ClipsSelect the clip from the EgremontMap video and copy it into your clipboard using Cmd C. Then move the scrubber to the right end of the World Gurning Championship video clip. Press Cmd V to paste the EgremontMap clip there. This is the best way to combine two clips in ScreenFlow.

Now that World Gurning Championship has three different videos combined in one, save it.

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