Special Effects with Keynote and ScreenFlow

Special effects with Keynote and ScreenFlowSpecial Effects Overview

This lesson will teach you some of the special effects from Keynote and ScreenFlow.  Although you have learned a great deal about Keynote and ScreenFlow so far, the special effects on this page may be quite new to you.

You will start by watching the YouTube video below.  It includes special effects such as spinning images, swirl and color controls including color monochrome.  As you begin working with these special effect menus, experiment with many of the effects not included in the video.

How to Make the Special Effects Video

Keynote spin effectDrag an image from the media panel into a new Keynote slide.  Open the build inspector and then select action > effect > spin.Keynote spin add image panel

At the bottom of your Keynote slide you will see a panel inviting you to drag and drop another image there.  Do so.  Now the first image will spin to be a small picture.  Then that will turn into the second image as it spins again to become a larger picture.

Create another pair of spinning images on a new slide.  Record your Keynote slide  using ScreenFlow.  Remember to click your left mouse button each time you want your pictures to spin out and in.

Save your new ScreenFlow video, crop either side of your timeline to select the ideal video and change your aspect ratio to 1280 x 720.  If the pictures don’t line up right, you may want to change either the length or the width a bit.

You want to demonstrate three different ScreenFlow special effects.  So, copy your new timeline into your clipboard and paste the clip beside the first timeline three times.

ScreenFlow Twirl DistortionYou now have four identical video clips in your timeline.  Select the second one and slide the scrubber to that area.  Select the plus sign beside video filters and then distortion effect > twirl distortion.

Click on your text properties icon and then select add text box.  Type in twirl with a 72 point font and a red outline around the text.

Color ControlsMove your scrubber over to the next video clip and select it.  Click on the tiny triangle to the left of color controls.  Play around with the three sliders until you find a combination you wish to keep.

ScreenFlow Color MonochromeMove your scrubber over to the next final clip and select it.  Click on the plus sign to the right of video filters and select color effect > color monochrome.


Your own special effects video

While you are looking at the menus to make your own special effects video, experiment with every single menu item. Try using different ones in your video.

Add some iMovie music to your video.  Make sure the music trails off at the end.

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