6. Smartphone Video to YouTube, Editing Your Smartphone Video

From your smartphone to your computer

smartphone VideoThis lesson shows you the quickest way to get a simple smartphone video uploaded into YouTube. It will look professional without those black bars on the sides.

The instructions here are for an Android Nexus S. If you have a different smartphone, you may be able to intuitively adapt these instructions to suit your phone. Otherwise you may have to do an Internet search for how to upload videos from (name and model of smartphonephone) to computer.

smartphone Plugs1. Using the cable that came with your smartphone, connect your smartphone to your computer.
2. Pull down the Notification bar from top of the smartphone screen and select “USB Connected”.
3. Tap the “Turn on USB Storage” button.
4. Now the folder holding the video files in your smartphone is “duplicated” so that it becomes a folder in your computer’s hard drive.


From your computer to ScreenFlow

no Name smartphone link5. Open Finder and then click on No Name > DCIM > Camera.
6. At the top of the Finder screen you will see the thumbnails of the videos you have in your smartphone.
7. Find a video you want to work with and give it a descriptive name.
8. (If you have a large number of videos, it may help to arrange them in chronological order.)
Film Reel Directors Chair GHOSTED Learn ScreenFlow9. After you have the videos you want, right click on the name(s) of the video(s) and copy them into your clipboard.
10. Cmd V to paste them into the appropriate folder.  (Alternately, you can skip # 9 and 10 and simply drag and drop them into Pictures.)
11. After transferring all of your videos to your computer, tap the Turn off USB storage button on your smartphone.  Then delete all of the videos from your smartphone so that they don’t show up next time you want to download.
12. Before you edit and upload your own video, you will practice by downloading, editing and uploading the super amateur video below.

13. Then you will come back to point #10 and double click on your own file that you wish to make into a YouTube video. It will likely open up in QuickTime Player.
camera Icon14. ♦ Open up  ScreenFlow.
Record Computer Audio menu♦ Make sure Record Computer Audio has been selected in the black menu.
♦ Close the black menu.
♦ Click on the movie camera icon.
♦ Select “record”.

A black dot will appear within the movie camera icon.
15. Start playing the video you wish to edit (either the original amateur YouTube video or else one of your own.) After you have finished playing your video, click on the camera icon and select “stop record”.

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