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Final project
How to learn ScreenFlow

   12 Lessons

Lesson 1 — Introduction and sample YouTube video
Lesson 1b
Lesson 1c
Lesson 2 — Animating with text and images
Lesson 2b — Learning photography
Lesson 3 — Turning your Keynote slideshow into a video
Lesson 3b
Lesson 4 — Speeding up your clips and other special features
Lesson 4b
Lesson 5 — Inserting several videos and multiple images within a video
Lesson 5b
Lesson 5c
Lesson 6 — Uploading smartphone videos to YouTube
Lesson 6b
Lesson 6c
Lesson 6d
Lesson 6e
Lesson 7 — Keynote, add audio, etc.
Lesson 7b
Lesson 8 — Freezing frames
Lesson 8b
Lesson 9 — Sample mini videos
Lesson 9b
Lesson 9c
Lesson 10 — Adding voice and music
Lesson 10b
Lesson 11 — Mood and timing
Lesson 11b — Overview, How to Make a YouTube Video
Lesson 12 — Green screen
Lesson 12b — Free stock video footage
Lesson 12c — Speaking in front of a green screen
Lesson 13 — Highlighting parts of video
Lesson 14 — Separating audio from video


Collecting photos
Computer software troubleshooting
Convert ScreenFlow videos into MP4 format
DNA and communion connection
Google ranking, improving
Hyperlink codes
It’s Supernatural TV show
Million YouTube views
Photography tips and tricks
Recording audio
Special effects
Sweet Lorraine
WordPress Help
YouTube preview picture, changing

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