Audio video separation to enable editing

Record computer audio option

ScreenFlow menu record computer audioBe careful when you are recording with  ScreenFlow using the Record Computer Audio option. An audio video combination will be in the same timeline.  Your audio video combination will look something like the screenshot on the left.  You will have ONLY ONE TIMELINE.  How do you edit such an audio video combination?  You will have to separate the audio from the detaching from ScreenFlow timeline

To separate your audio video timeline, simply right click on the timeline and select detach audio.  You will immediately have two timelines.  One will be audio and the other video.

ScreenFlow camera iconIf you are having trouble getting the black menu up, click the little camera icon.  Then click on configure recording.  The black menu shows up immediately.

Audio video options

ScreenFlow built-in microphoneWhen your black ScreenFlow menu shows up,  you have a number of possible audio video options:
♦ Leave the two audio boxes unchecked.  ScreenFlow will capture the screen without any audio.
Record audio from > Built in input — ScreenFlow will record from a microphone connected to the computer’s input.
Record audio from > Built in microphone — ScreenFlow will record from the computer’s built-in microphone.
Film Reel Directors Chair GHOSTED Learn ScreenFlow♦ Record computer audio — ScreenFlow will record the audio that is playing on the computer.  For instance, if you are recording a symphony from YouTube, the sound of the symphony will be recorded.
If you leave record video from unchecked, you will record whatever is on the computer screen.
If you check the record video from box, you will record yourself.  Or, if you move the computer, you can record whatever your computer camera is pointing at.

To learn the fundamentals of ScreenFlow, go to lesson 3.


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