Record Audio — from Your Computer or Your Own Voice

Audio recording

In this lesson, you will see how I use ScreenFlow to record audio from my computer.

Capture screen from a podcast

newRecording1.  Turn ScreenFlow on.
2. If the menu does not show up, click on File > New Recording.
3. Check off “Record audio from”.
4. Then select “Built-in microphone”.
5. Close the menu and then click on the movie camera icon.
6. Select “record”.
7. Turn on a podcast. It will be recorded using the built-in microphone; ambient sounds such as air conditioning will NOT be heard.
8. After the podcast is finished, click on the camera icon and select “stop record”.
9. Begin editing your video.
soundWaves10.  When you go to edit your video, you will see sound waves.
11. You may have to move your Scrubber around a bit before you can hear them.

   Converting audio files to MP3

screenFlowMenu1.  After opening ScreenFlow , do this: File > Export > Customize > Deselect video tab > Make sure sound is checked > OK > Name file with an MP4 extension > Export. Have it exported to your desktop.
2. Open iTunes > new playlist.
3. Drag you new MP4 file from the desktop to your new playlist.
4. iTunes Preferences > General > Import settings > Import Using MP3 encoder > OK.
5. Right click on MP4 file > Create MP3 version. Wait until creation is finished.
6. Right click on MP4 file > Show in Finder.
7. Look in Finder near the MP4 file. If there is an MP3 file with the same name, you are finished. If there is not, iTunes is being finicky. Repeat starting at point #5 and things should work this time.
8. If that does not work, you may have to change the file directly from a  CD.
9. To do that, insert your CD into your Mac, click your iTunes preferences > general > import settings (beside import CD) > (import using) MP3 encoder > OK > OK.
10. Now your files will be saved as MP3 files.  To find them for emailing, adding to Dropbox, etc., go to Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Music > Unknown Artist.  From there you will look for the name of the folder you gave your files when you imported them from the CD.

Burn onto a blank CD

iTunes Playlist1. Move you new MP3 file into an iTunes playlist and select it.
2. Insert a blank CD into your computer.
3. File > Burn playlist to disc.

Recording yourself speaking

Green screen and headYou may want to record yourself speaking.  This is often done  ScreenFlow menu, built-in iSight and microphonein front of a green screen.  Regardless, you will want to set your ScreenFlow menu to record video form built-in iSight and record audio from built-in microphone.

cameraIconSmallTo see your menu in the first place, select the camera icon and then configure recording.

Now start ScreenFlow like you usually do.

Notes about the playlist

You cannot select a single file from a playlist and record it and only it.  Whenever you burn a playlist, it starts at the top of the playlist and goes downwards.  iTunes will attempt to burn everything in your playlist.

Emailing an MP3 file that is too large

From time to time you may have trouble emailing someone an MP3 file.  It may be too large for your email program to handle.  You can solve your problem by using Dropbox.

Go to their website and create a free account.  Create a folder in which you would like to store your large files.  For this example we will call it LargeFiles.

Save your MP3 file in LargeFiles the same way you would save a file in any other folder in your hard drive.

Select DropboxSelect Dropbox on your hard drive’s index.

Share Dropbox folderSelect LargeFiles by clicking on the empty space to the right of the folder’s name. (Clicking on the folder name or icon may open the folder instead.)  Then select sharer this folder from the Dropbox drop down list at the top the the page.

Dropbox invitationThat will give you a space to write the email address and message for the person with whom you wish to share the folder.  After you click on send invites, the address you entered into the box will receive an invitation to share the folder that you originally clicked beside.

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