Photography Tips and Tricks

Use the manual setting

Manual settingWhen you set your camera to the manual setting, you can river low suncreate pictures that you never could otherwise.  When you increase your time exposure, your clouds and water can have a much more artistic appearance.

Triple color lights
Suppose you set your time to 3 seconds.  Then you can create light art such as this one.

Look at the examples below to see what else you can do if you learn what to do with manual settings.

Fall trees

Trees circle in centre














GIMP, free photo editing program

If you have PhotoShop, you can make pictures like the ones below. If you do not have PhotoShop, use GIMP, a free open source program.  GIMP can do many of the things PhotoShop can.

Many men around tree













Many men in shed










To learn more about this fascinating trick photography, click here!
But first, you may want to watch this short YouTube video.


add to cart horse

Pet Memorial Stones ad








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