How to Make a YouTube Video

First of all, read these YouTube statistics

♦ The average YouTube viewer spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching ads in a month. (comScore)
♦ 90% of online shoppers find videos helpful when deciding to make a purchase. (Internet Retailer)
♦ When people see animated explanation on YouTube videos, the conversion rate will increase by 20%. (Unbounce)
♦ YouTube attracts roughly 136 million unique viewers every month. (Nielsen)
♦ YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the web making it one great resource for traffic and leads.
♦ 700 YouTube video links are shared on Twitter every minute. (Relevancy Group)
♦ 500 years of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every day. (Relevancy Group).

Those stats should be a real incentive to make a YouTube video for your business.

How to make YouTube videos on a tight budget

Film Reel Directors Chair GHOSTED Learn ScreenFlowIf you are on a tight budget, you can get started making your YouTube videos for a little over a hundred dollars.   After you make your first one, the only expense you need to have is your time.

If you do not have a movie camera, you do not even need movies.  You can have still pictures and text moving all over the screen.

The first thing you need to do is come up with a brilliant idea.  What is your purpose in having a YouTube video?  Do some brainstorming with your colleagues and come up with an idea.

An excellent free YouTube tutorial starts on the home page of this website.  Quickly skim through it to see what is available for you.  Pay special attention to the index.  You will find how you can get free music and free pictures to move around your screen.

Write a good script

With that knowledge of what you want to achieve and what is available, you should come up with a script.  Aim for something short — probably between one and one and a half minutes.  If you have a comedian in your brainstorming group, comedy helps.

After you have your script, go to the tutorial and find out how to make your video. Make an amazing video.  Add music.

The tutorial will tell you how to upload your masterpiece to YouTube.

Remember that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world.  You should find a good keyword tool such as Google AdWords and make sure you have a few long-tail keywords in your video description.

Keep making related videos for your YouTube channel.  You will be glad you did.



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