ScreenFlow Freeze Frames and Keynote Slideshow

Keynote slideshow into ScreenFlow

Link to 24 Things You Can Do with ScreenFlowYou will now create a Keynote slide show.  Then you will make it into a video using ScreenFlow .

1. Open up Keynote & select “White”.
2. Delete those two text boxes.
3. Click the text box icon.
4. Double click on the text box and add the definition: Gurn (v.)To distort the countenance.
Keynote show Rulers5. Select the text and press Cmd B to make it bold. Press Cmd+ and Cmd- to find the ideal text size.
6. Move it to close to the top of the page.
7. Select View > Show Rulers.
8. Drag two funny faces in from the media photo panel.
9. Drag the square in a corner so that the faces are larger and of a similar height.
Keynote Ruler10. Take them down to 22 on the vertical ruler so that they will have the correct aspect ratio. (The maximum you should go on the horizontal ruler is 44. These two numbers are important. Write them down.)
Keynote build in effect for ScreenFlow11. Select the text > Inspector > Build In > “Fly In” under Effects > Right to left.
12. Select an image > Inspector > Build In > Flip > Right to left.
13. Do the same for the other image.
14. Click the play icon and then start clicking it to check your work.
15. If you are happy with your creation, name it DefinitionKey. Then click the slide in the left-hand column.
16. Using what you learned in the previous page, record DefinitionKey using ScreenFlow.  Edit it and save it with the name Definition.

The unusual word from the title, gurn, is defined here. Many viewers will not know the meaning of that word. The definition must stay up long enough so that most people will understand the word “gurning” when they see the title of an event coming up shortly.

ScreenFlow Freeze Frame

If the definition is not up long enough, freeze a ScreenFlow frame with the definition.
freeze Frame1. Move the scrubber to that point at which you wish to freeze the frame.
2. Right click in the timeline and select “add freeze frame”.
3. Now you will see a new 2-second long clip to the right of the scrubber.
drag Freeze Frame4. If you need that scene frozen for longer than two seconds, select the freeze frame clip.
5. Select the right edge of your tiny clip and drag it to the right.

Your video should look a lot like the video below.

6. Save your ScreenFlow video with the name Definition.
7. Paste the ScreenFlow clip from Definition onto the end of World Gurning Championship and save it. Now World Gurning Championship will have a total of two clips in it. After all sixteen clips are in it, you will upload it to YouTube.

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