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Cruises and tours in Indochina

Vietnam cruise boatVictory Cruise — 1 night & 2 daysHa Long Bay Vietnam
Cruise amongst the 1900 plus islets of Ha Long Bay.  21 deluxe cabins.  Cruise to visit exciting Cua Van fishing village. Trek or swim at Soi Sim island.

Vietnam cruise in riverMekong Eyes Cruise — 5 nights & 6 days
Vietnam river Cruise This boat was built out of an old, traditional rice barge with the finest quality wood, and artfully decorated by skilled craftsmen of the Mekong Delta.  15 lavishly furnished rooms, each with a private bathroom with shower and hot water, wardrobe, air-conditioning and fan. The rooms all offer a fantastic panoramic view of the Mekong river.

4 country tour — 23 nights & 24 days
Indochina IsletsIndochina tour inner tubesDestinations: Luang Prabang – Vang Vieng – Vientiane -Siem Riep – Phnom Penh – Chau Doc – Can Tho – Ho Chi Minh city – Ha Noi – Ha Long bay – Hai Phong – Ninh Binh – Ha Noi – Yangon – Bago – Kyaikhtiyo – Thanlyin – Yangon – Ha Noi

Cambodia tour — 3 nights & 4 days
Cambodia tours Siem Reap PhnomphenhCambodia tour Siem ReapDestinations: Siem Reap – Phnomphenh 04 Days 03 Nights.  Go to the tour detail page.


For more information on any of these tours, go to the Indochina Tours website.

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