Improving Google Ranking — Content, Not Artificial SEO

Content is king when in comes to improving Google ranking

Google logoTo improve Google ranking, you must have authoritative, quality, unique content. Focus on providing value first.  Link building/SEO comes second.

Questionable advice for improving Google ranking

Even after Google penguin and panda came out, WordPress was suggesting the following to improve Google rankings:
♦ Make sure that keyword appears in your URL.
♦ Have a meta description in your head that includes the keyword.
♦ Make sure the keyword appears in the first paragraph of your copy.
♦ Include images on your page.  Try to have your keyword in the images’ alt tags.
link to YouTube tutorialTry to include a YouTube video wherever it is reasonable.
♦ Have a number of H4 headings.  Make sure some have your keyword.
♦ Have a page title between 40 and 70 characters.  Have the keyword at the beginning.
♦ Have a page with between 300 and 500 words.
♦ Have at least one outbound link.

This is not all bad advice.  However, by following it too closely, it can make the page look unnatural.  Use the above points carefully and make sure your page does not look like you  purposely included most of those points just to get high rankings.  You could be penalized for it.

High quality content in a trending topic for improving Google ranking

Google’s algorithm can identify trending topics.  Look at time sensitive content such as a current news story.  Featuring it may help improve Google ranking.

Of course this works only on page topics that are truly current.  Forget about including a current news story in an article on medieval Europe.

It should be easy to read.  Try aiming at a grade 8 level.   Use WordPress.  Use the Flesch Reading Ease score to find the level of difficulty.

Google is tweaking their algorithm every day.  If one of the above points makes your page look unnatural, you can lose Google ranking.  What if your long-tail keyword appears in your URL, you title, your meta description and your first H4 tag?  It may seem to Google like you were artificially trying to increase your rank.  They may penalize you for it.

Link building

Until recently the Internet had a phenomenon called “link networks”.  This was a system for improving Google ranking by generating backlinks.

Blog networks allowed people to publish articles on different websites.  These were linked to each other using some sort of automated system.   If I wrote an article called “New Varieties of Roses”, I could then submit it to blog networks.   This article will then be published to sites in the network related to “roses”, “gardening”, “hobbies” etc.

Link building did not help with improving Google ranking

In March 2012 Google deindexed a number of blog networks.  That meant that any outgoing links automatically became null and void. Google deindexed these blog networks because the were not a natural form of link building.

Much of this information came from WordPress and Affilorama.


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