How to Learn ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is a program that will capture the audio and video from your computer screen. Then it gives you the editing capabilities to take your videos from amateur to amazing.

ScreenFlow can cut your video production time from hours to minutes.

To show you the versatility of ScreenFlow, we have created a free tutorial explaining how to make YouTube videos. Look at the titles in the next column.

12 Lessons

Lesson 1 — Introduction and sample YouTube video
Lesson 2 — Animating with text and images
Lesson 3 — Turning your Keynote slideshow into a video
Lesson 4 — Speeding up your clips and other special features
Lesson 5 — Inserting several videos and multiple images within a video
Lesson 6 — Uploading smartphone videos to YouTube
Lesson 7 — Keynote, add audio, etc.
Lesson 8 — Freezing frames
Lesson 9 — Sample mini videos
Lesson 10 — Adding voice and music
Lesson 11 — Mood and timing
Lesson 12 — Green screen

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