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Highlight an area on your screen

Perhaps you want to highlight a particular area in one scene of a video you are creating. The video below explains how to do that.

image freestyle skierA freestyle skiing highlight video

A highlight video is a collection of special edited clips of a specific sport, etc.  You can begin this lesson by watching the skiing highlight video below.  It could very well have been a highlight video representing the students of an extreme skiing coach.

This lesson will show you how to highlight the action within the various clips.  (Notice the two different meanings for the same word.)  In three instances the skiers’ landings are highlighted using ScreenFlow ‘s callout feature.

At the end of this lesson you will make a highlight video similar to the above video.  However, you will not use skiing; you will use a different sport of your choosing.

Getting started with callouts

  laser-etched photo in KeynoteLet us say that you are watching the main video from this tutorial on YouTube and you think you see someone you know.  It is that girl in the left-hand column with the other grandchildren.  You want to email the girl to see if it really is her.

ScreenFlow menuSo, you capture  the video using ScreenFlow, highlight the picture of the girl, upload your video to Youtube and email the girl telling her to go see your YouTube video.  Highlight part of ScreenFlow imageBefore you  start recording, click File >New and check off Record Computer Audio in your black menu.  Then record that part of the video that has the girl in question.  Edit it using ScreenFlow.  This is what your video may look like.

Highlight part of a ScreenFlow imageTo highlight the girl, you use a ScreenFlow feature called Callout.  While you are editing your video,
1. Move the scrubber to that point on the timeline at which you wish to start the callout.
2. Click the callout icon.
3.  Click the video.
6. Click the Add Callout button at the bottom. yellow callout timeline for highlight video lessonThat will produce a yellow rectangle on the timeline.  You can drag out either end of this rectangle to determine the duration and location of your callout.
7. Click the Freehand radio button.
8. Wait a few seconds until a Callout Freehand within highlight videomenu pops up and select either the circle or the rectangle.  If you choose the circle, you can drag it around to make freehand shapes.  If you choose the rectangle, to can drag it around to change the size.
9. Click on that point in your video that you wish toCallout zoom build duration in highlight video
10. If you wish to change the size of the highlighted area, move the zoom slider.
11. You do not want the highlight to suddenly appear or disappear.  So, you want to build your in and out durations for part of a second.
12. You want contrast between the background and the callout.  So, move the opacity slider.
13. Sometimes you want your callout area to enlarge a bit.  callout shape buttons for highlight videoSo, move your zoom up slider.
14. When you are finished, you want to be able to move to the beginning of your timeline.  So, click on the little “x” in the shape menu.

Callout assignment

free images search boxGo to the free images website (http://sxc.hu/).   Enter the name of an action sport into the search box.  Scroll through the free pictures until you find one that could be included in a TV news story.

Click on the picture.  Right click on the enlarged view and select Save Image As.

Create a TV news story revolving around the image.  Within the video use these features:
♦ Callout.
♦ Zoom into callout.
Voice audio.
Add music.
Audio ducking.

How the above video was made:

♦ Displayed rodeo picture on screen.
♦ Recorded it for several seconds using ScreenFlow.
♦ Saved file, added a freeze frame and dragged the timeline to make it around 37 seconds long (the length of the music clip).
♦ Changed the aspect ratio to 1280 x 720.
♦ Wrote out a news story on scrap paper and recorded it in a new ScreenFlow file.
♦ Copied the voice recording into the clipboard (Cmd C) and pasted it below the 37-second timeline.
♦ Went into iMovie and found a music file beginning with the word broadcast.
♦ Dragged the music clip onto the main timeline.
♦ Dragged the voice clip so that it would start in sync with the broadcast news music.
♦ Applied audio ducking so that the music would not drown out the voice.
♦ Applied the callout to the rodeo clown for the exact length of the voice clip describing his heroic action.

If there is anything else you would like to know about while doing this assignment, use the index.

Highlight video assignment

Make a highlight video similar to the freestyle skiing highlight video.  Use a different action sport of your choosing.  Freeze frames in three different areas of the video.  Where you freeze the frames, callout an athlete.  Build in and out durations for part of a second.

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