Speaking in Front of a Green Screen

TV newscast with a green screen

In this lesson you will learn how to make a mock television news broadcast with a  video moving behind the speaker. Watch the green screen example below.

Making the above green screen video

Assuming that you are simply making an amateur video in your own home, we recommend that you start cheaply. Here’s how:

1. Download a free trial copy of ScreenFlow.
2. Green screen and headThen attach a green bed sheet or several sheets of green bristol board behind you.  Don’t worry about the wrinkles in the sheet or the dark lines formed when two bristol board sheets meet.  You will remove them with Chroma Key.
3. Make up some sort of script and display it up on your computer monitor.
4. Set your ScreenFlow menu so that blackMenuBuiltthe record audio from built-in iSight and record audio from built-in microphone are selected.
5. Start recording with ScreenFlow and read the script that you have on your computer monitor.
6. When you stop the recording, you will see two timelines.  The second one is a recording of what was on your computer monitor.  Delete it.  Edit the first timeline.  It is the combined audio and video of what you just recorded.  When you edit your video, remember these points:
♦ Select the video on the canvas. Otherwise your chroma key will not work.
♦ Save your video with a descriptive name.
♦ Set your aspect ratio to 1280 x 720.
Size your video so that the ideal amount of video is in the canvas.
Select ScreenFlow chroma key7. Making sure that the video in your canvas has been selected, click the plus sign to the right of videos filters.  Then click on chroma key.
8. Click on the tiny color box.  Click on the color in your refine key panel that looks closest to the color of your background.
Chroma key sliders9. Move your three sliders one at a time until you have removed the maximum amount of green possible.  Click on the add video action button.
Background below green screen10. Paste your background video in the space below your first timeline.
11. Add a free music clip or two to your video.
12. Keep refining your video until you like it.  Upload it to YouTube.

Below is the speaking in front of a green screen YouTube video.  It explains how to make a news broadcast with a video behind the announcer.


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