Great Keynote Presentations Finalize Your Video

Great Keynote presentations involve mood and timing

Gurning faces and text in KeynoteTo make great Keynote presentations, it is necessary to capture the mood of the presentation and to use perfect timing.

This is the final clip in the main video. So, it should represent a summary of the main theme. The main theme of this movie was goofy faces.

To summarize that theme as a great Keynote presentation, four goofy faces fly in using a comet transition. This was followed by a plaque of one of the goofiest faces. After all sixteen video clips have been linked together as your main video, you will get someone to read all of the text that shows up in the video. You will edit their voice into the video and then add the appropriate music to match the mood.

To make great Keynote presentations, your music has to fade out properly at the end.  The music clip used in this video did not fade out properly at the end.  ScreenFlow audio timeline fading outThe best thing to do is to split the end of your music clip into three ScreenFlow audio timeline volume controltiny clips.  Then use the slider to reduce the volume of each one to about 25% less than the clip on the left.

Watch the little video clip now and create a similar one. Drag the photos from the media panel onto a new Keynote screen.

Film Reel Directors Chair GHOSTED Learn ScreenFlowNotice the three sets of text:
♦ World Gurning Championship
♦ Courtesy of

The first two fly in from right to left. The last one comes in with a comet transition. Make this great Keynote presentation into a ScreenFlow video. Save that video with the name FinalClip.

Your Final Clip

You now have a video that will be the last clip in your final tutorial project . Open World Gurning Championship in ScreenFlow . Open FinalClip and save the clip in your clipboard. Paste it onto the end of World Gurning Championship and save it.

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