Video Montages Using ScreenFlow and Keynote

Learning how to make video montagesvideo montages

You will start this video montages lesson by making a seemingly unrelated video.  You will then collect a number of photos and make them into a video montage.

The Winner Is…

1. Open Keynote with a white theme. Delete those two text boxes. show Keynote Rulers
Click View > Show Rulers
3. Select a text box. Add the words “And the winner is”.
4. Click outside of the box and then select the box. Make the text bold and increase the size. 5. With the text box selected, press Cmd C and then Cmd V.
6. Drag the new box to the mid left and change the text to “This man”.
7. Open the media panel and drag the color picture onto the screen.
8. The bottom should be at the 22 mark on the vertical ruler. Make the picture as large as is reasonable. Keynote flip transition
Select “And the winner is”.
10. Click on the Inspector button. Build in refers to the text or image moving onto the slide. Build out refers to the text or image moving off the slide.
11. You want the text to be built in with a fly in effect from right to left.
12. Then perform the same action for “This man”. 13. The picture of the man will be built in with a top to bottom flip effect.

Transition Order

14. (Notice the Order number. That is the order in which the text or graphics move onto the screen. If you have a large number of items with all of the effects set in place, it still possible to change the order.)
15. Click the play button to check your work.
16. Start ScreenFlow so that it is recording. Press the play button a number of times to record your Keynote presentation. Go through the cycle several times so that you can pick the one with the right timing.
17. Edit the video so that it looks professional and is as short as is reasonable.
18. Save it with the name Winner is.
Using Cmd C, copy the clip into your clipboard.
20. Open up World Gurning Championship in ScreenFlow.
21. Use Cmd V to paste the clip onto the end of World Gurning Championship and save.
22. Do you remember how we postponed pasting a lesson #7 video onto the end of World Gurning ChampionshipThat is because it was in the wrong order. Now you will open ScreenFlow and open recent files. Choose ForHisPrize. (That is the video from lesson 7 .)  Use Cmd C to copy the clips from the timeline into your clipboard. Now paste it onto the end of World Gurning Championship and save it.
23. We also postponed pasting a lesson 5 video onto the end of World Gurning Championship because it was in the wrong order. Open ScreenFlow and paste the Collage clips onto the end of WorldGurningChampionship. Save it. You now have ten of your mini videos in the main video.

Video montages

MONTAGE: the production of a rapid succession of images in a motion picture to illustrate an association of ideas . If you have enough spare time, try to create video montages like the Funny Face Images video below.  It will give you good practice in freezing frames and adding music.

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Making the above video montages

1. Get the concept in your head and write it down on scrap paper.
2. Find a music clip that will match the mood of the moving pictures.
3. Using Keynote, make 4 files of moving funny faces.
4. Make one moving clip promoting
5. Using ScreenFlow, capture each of the Keynote slides to make video montages.  Using freeze frame, make sure each of your four video montages takes the same length of time as the music clip.  The promotion should be 10 seconds long.  Make each of five files into an MP4 file.  Save them onto your desktop.
6. For the aspect ratios, each funny face clip should be 720 pixels high and have the same width as the widest picture in the clip.  The promotional will be 300 pixels high and be as narrow as is reasonable.
7. Make a new Keynote slide.  Drag the four video montages MP4 files from your desktop onto the slide.
8. Drag your promotional MP4 slide onto the bottom half of your Keynote slide.  Save the slide with a descriptive name.
9. Make that complex video montage slide into a ScreenFlow file and publish it to YouTube.
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