Freeze Frame Your Video Clips with ScreenFlow

Overview of the freeze frame lesson

image man with pipeIn this lesson, you will use  ScreenFlow to capture YouTube videos. Then you will select three clips of people who are in the process of gurning. At the end of each clip you will use ScreenFlow to freeze frame for two seconds.

A small version of one YouTube gurning video is reproduced below.

Later you will paste your new ScreenFlow video into your main YouTube video as part of the sixteen small ScreenFlow clips.

Freeze frame video clips

ScreenFlow camera icon1. Open ScreenFlow, click on the movie camera icon and select “record”.
2. Open the YouTube video above. Go online and try to find other YouTube videos about gurning.  YouTube logoYou may want to go to and enter funny face contest into the search window.
3. Stop the screen capture and start editing your YouTube movie. Create three clips of three different people gurning.
add freeze Frame4. Freeze frame the end of each of clip for two seconds.
5. After you have stopped the screen capture, isolate three gurning clips. You want to combine them to make a video of around 15 seconds.
6. Save it with the name Freeze Frame .
7. You now have a video that will be your seventh clip in your final tutorial project.
Film Reel Directors Chair GHOSTED Learn ScreenFlow8. Open World Gurning Championship in ScreenFlow.
9. Copy the Freeze Frame video into your clipboard.
10. Paste it at the end of World Gurning Championship and save it. Your video should have the same style as the video below.

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