ScreenFlow, Free TrialFree Trial Q. What are the limitations of ScreenFlow in demo mode (prior to purchase)?
A. All features of ScreenFlow are fully functional in demo mode. The only limitation to ScreenFlow prior to purchase is that it watermarks exported video.

PC.  Q. How can I run ScreenFlow if I do not have a Mac?  All I have is a PC.image Mac desktop computer
A. Try using Parallels or VMWare to simulate a Windows environment. However, some features may not work in a simulated environment.

Since ScreenFlow captures everything on your monitor, both Parallels and VMware are supported (including Computer Audio output). However, ScreenFlow cannot use the Callout features as these are dependent upon unique information provided by Mac OS X.

Telestream has run ScreenFlow with Parallels in all modes (Coherence, Window, and Full Screen) without issue. In fact, using Parallels / VMware, some users have reported ScreenFlow to produce smoother output while using less CPU than native Windows screen capture applications.


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