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Collect Pictures for Image Video

 One Eye funny face into an image videoIn order to give the visitor a good idea of what gurning is all about, you will now create a large sample of images for an image video.

1. Open Keynote.
2. Open a new slide and then click on and delete the two text boxes.
3. Open up the media panel.
4. Click on View > Show Rulers.
5. Drag a gurning face from the media panel into the slide. Have the upper left-hand corner of the picture in the upper left-hand corner of the slide.
6. Drag the square in the lower right-hand corner so that the picture ends at 22 on the vertical ruler.
7. Click on Inspector > Build in > Effect > Comet.
8. Go through steps #2-7 for six other slides.  No picture should go beyond 44 on the horizontal menu.
camera Icon9.Open ScreenFlow, clicking on the movie camera icon and then selecting “record”.
black ScreenFlow menu10. If the black menu shows up, make sure it has been closed.
11. Make sure the first Keynote slide has been selected. Then, as soon as possible, click the Keynote play button.
12. Keep double clicking the play button. Frequency of clicking will determine the amount of time between pictures showing up.
13. Click “stop record”.
14. In a few seconds the ScreenFlow video you just captured will show up. In case you accidentally close it, save it right away with the name LargeSample.
15. Using what you learned from making the previous ScreenFlow video, split the clips and delete any unwanted video.
unusual ScreenFlow aspect Ratios16. Set the aspect ratio at 1280 and 720.
17. Select the video and then slide the scale bar back and forth so that the ideal amount of the video is within the canvas.
18. Watch your video several times. After you have finished tweaking it, save it.
19. Save your ScreenFlow video with the name LargeSample.
20. Paste the ScreenFlow clip from LargeSample onto the end of World Gurning Championship and save it. Now World Gurning Championship has five smaller video clips in it.

Complex Image Video Project

Using what you have learned in lesson 5, make an image video like the one below.  Notice that there are two different MP4 files used.  It may look like three.  But, two of the MP4 files are duplicates to fill up the screen on this image video.

Drag the song Barbeque Blues from iMovie to your ScreenFlow timeline.  That will complete your image video.

How to Make the Above Image Video

♦ Make 2 creative montages of funny faces.  Make sure the images are in different orders in the two of them.  Use an iris transition for each image.  Export each image video as an MP4 file.
♦ Open a blank Keynote slide with a white theme.  Delete the text boxes. Add rulers to the slide.
MP4 file on desktop into an image video♦ Drag one of your image videos from your desktop onto the left side of the blank slide.  Size the image video so that it is at 22 on the vertical ruler.Keynote rulers link
♦ Drag your second image video onto the slide.  Size it so that the left side barely touches the other image video and the right-hand side is at 44 on the horizontal ruler.
♦ Capture the video with ScreenFlow.
drag iMovie Music into image video♦ Drag Barbeque Blues from iMovie to your timeline.
Barbeque Blues is 37 seconds long.  Shorten your image video so that it is exactly 37 seconds  long.
♦ Save your ScreenFlow image video.

Simple export to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

With ScreenFlow, it is easy to export your video to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  You simply click a button.  Also, ScreenFlow comes with a number of preset export settings for optimal quality (such as Web, iPhone, iPad export setting and more). You can also create your own customized settings and save them for future use.

To learn more about your export settings, watch the YouTube video below.

Publishing to YouTube video

The video below gives you details on how to publish your video to YouTube.

Signing up to YouTube

Google owns YouTube. So you must sign up with a gmail address. To get a gmail address, go to

1. Click on the ‘Create an account’ button located on the upper-right corner of the screen.
2. Fill up the required fields.
3. Click on “I accept; create my account” at the bottom of the screen.
4. Then go to
create YouTube Account and then upload image video5. Look at the upper right-hand corner and click on Sign in > Create account.
6. Fill in your username, password, gmail address, etc.
7. You will get an email from YouTube. Follow the instructions and you have a YouTube account. Now you will be able to upload videos to Youtube.

Publishing to YouTube

1.While you are still in ScreenFlow and after you have saved your final production, select File > Publish to YouTube. Simply follow the commands. It should be quite intuitive.
2. After you have published to YouTube, you will receive an email. You click on the link and watch your video.
3. While you are in YouTube, look up in the address bar. The URL will have this ending:
4. Copy the URL without the ending into your clipboard. That is the URL you can email to your friends to brag about your YouTube video.

Setting the thumbnail

Setting YouTube ThumbnailWhen you go to your YouTube video for the first time, you may not like the image that YouTube displays for you.  So, click on the Video Manager > Edit > Info and Settings.  You will see three different images from the video.  Click on your favorite.  That will be the image that shows up wherever a graphic is used to reference your YouTube video.
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