MP4 Files to Help Edit Video Footage

MP4 videos into Keynote

Using the instructions below, you will be editing video footage to insert two different MP4 files into the same Keynote slide.  (An MP4 file is a DVD quality version of audio or video in a very small file.)

text, videos and images within a single keynote MP4 file1. Open a new Keynote white slide.
2. Drag UploadOldMan.mp4 and LaserEtchingMachine.mp4 from the desktop into your new slide. Use the screenshot here as your pattern. Each MP4 file should be flipping in.
3. Using Keynote as a moving text generator, insert the text from the screenshot and have it flying in from right to left.
4. Use Skitch to capture the sun picture below. Insert it into the slide with a flame transition.
5. Start recording with ScreenFlow.
6. Click the Keynote play button and go through the entire sequence several times until you get the timing that you like.
7. Picking your favourite sequence, edit your video until it is around 21 seconds long. Save with with the name Collage.
8. Go to lesson 9 to see how and when to paste these clips onto the end of WorldGurningChampionship.sun Surface

MP4 File in the World Gurning Championship Overview

1. Make a creative montage of funny faces.  Save it onto the desktop as an MP4 file.
In Keynote create three text boxes with these three messages:
The funny face contest in Egremont has been going on for at least 150 years.
♦ It may have been going on for centuries.
♦ People practice their funny faces for months and come from around the world to enter.
3. Keynote build inspectorHave the text flying in from right to left. (See Keynote transitions).  Notice the Keynote build inspector.  When you want text to leave the scene, use the Build Out feature.  Play around with the order of the images.  When you start to record your Keynote slide with ScreenFlow, you will click the play button.  Then the MP4 file will begin to play complete with sound.  Each time you want text to move in or out, you will click the play button.
4. Drag three funny photos from the media panel to three corners of the Keynote slide. Size them and make sure they transition onto the slide in an artistic manner. (See Adding photos to Keynote.)
MP4 file on desktop5.  Drag your montage MP4 file from the desktop into a corner of your Keynote slide.
6. Make your Keynote slide into a ScreenFlow video. Name it Overview.
Cmd C to copy the ScreenFlow clips into your clipboard. Open up WorldGurningChampionship and use Cmd V to paste the Overview clips onto the end of it. Save the file. Four of your sixteen clips have now been added to WorldGurningChampionship.

Your montage MP4 file may end up looking something like the right-hand corner of the video below.

An MP4 File with No White Space

There is a minor annoyance in the above video: The MP4 file was made in such a way that a white rectangle shows up between each picture.  To eliminate that, you will only build out (never build in) when you are creating your Keynote slide.

Watch the video below and then read the explanation about build out, etc. below.

Making the Above MP4 File

Collect seven images of funny faces.
♦ One at a time, drag them onto a Keynote slide.images stacked at 22 on Keynote ruler   One corner of each image must be in the upper left-hand corner of the slide.  Expand each image so that it goes down to 22 on the vertical ruler.
MP4 montage♦ Drag each image a bit down and to the right. That way you know in which order the images will show up in your montage. Manipulate them so that the widest one is the bottom one and the narrow ones are more or less in the centre.
MP4 Build OutNow this is how you make the MP4 file so that there is no white space while images are changing: For each image, use an iris build out effect.  Do NOT use any build in effects.
Drag MP4 file off screen into Keynote slide♦ Each time you apply a build out effect, drag the image to the right of the widest image so that it will not show up in your MP4 slide.
♦ Using Keynote and ScreenFlow, make them into a montage.
♦ Export your montage as an MP4 file.

Inserting the Above MP4 File into Another Keynote Slide

MP4 file into Keynote slideIn order to create the first YouTube video on this page, it was necessary to have a Keynote slide with text and four pictures transitioning in.  Open up the Keynote slide used in that video and  delete the image in the lower left-hand corner.  Then drag the new MP4 file from the desktop into that space.  Use an iris transition.

Your new Keynote slide should look like the video below.

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