Edit YouTube Videos from Your friends’ emails

Edit YouTube videos from emailed movies

When someone takes videos with their iPhone and emails them to you, you may want to upload them to YouTube.  This lesson explains how to save, edit, merge and upload them to YouTube.

Save  videos from your email

Click on movie name to edit YouTube videosThe first thing you need to do is save the videos To edit YouTube videos save as emailed videoyour friend emails you. Double click on the name of a video.  Select File > Save as and save each movie in your movie folder with a descriptive name.

How to edit YouTube videos using ScreenFlow

camera Icon to edit YouTube videosIn the above image on the right the Record computer audio box has been checked.  To find the black menu, you can click on the camera icon and then select configure recording.

To learn how to edit YouTube videos using ScreenFlow:

1. Click the camera icon again and select record.
2. Open the videos you saved and play them on full screen.
3. After you have finished playing all of your videos, minimize Quicktime (or whatever your video player was.)  Then click on the camera icon and select “stop record”.

Edit YouTube videos starting with one timeline

timeline for edit YouTube videosIt is now time to edit your little video with ScreenFlow. Look at the timeline. It is one long rectangle representing everything that was just recorded. Hopefully there will be much more video than you need.

1. Click the play button to watch the entire clip.
2. Decide which part of the clip you wish to keep.
3. Drag the scrubber to the beginning of that part, right click and select “split clip”. That will split the clip into 2 parts.
4. Select the part you want to discard. If you don’t want to discard the entire clip, do point #3 over again on the smaller segment and make an even smaller segment. Now select the part you wish to delete.
5. Press the delete button.
6. Go to the end of the part you wish to keep and go through the same process. Keep selecting the parts you want to discard and then pressing the delete button.
7. Play your ScreenFlow video again to make sure that is what you want to keep.
8. Delete any left-over clips that you do not want.
9. In case something goes wrong, save it now with a descriptive name. 

The ScreenFlow Aspect Ratio

aspect Ratio to edit YouTube videosYou will now work with the aspect ratio.
1. That represents the ratio between the length and the height.
2. YouTube uses a 16:9 aspect ratio.  16 x 80 = 1280.  9 x 80 = 720.  In this tutorial you will always use an aspect ratio of 1280 x 720.  Whatever dimensions you use, you must keep the length-width proportions at 16 to 9.  (For the advanced ScreenFlow user, there is one exception.)
3. If you do not have your aspect ratio set up properly, you cannot edit YouTube videos properly.  The sides of your YouTube video will display either black bars or else unwanted parts of your computer screen.
4. Click the icon shown in the image above.
5. Where it says “canvas”, change the first and second numbers to 1280 and 720 respectively. Then click on “Apply”.
scale Slider for edit YouTube videos6. Select the video and then slide the scale bar back and forth so that the ideal amount of video is within the canvas.
7. If you click on the video, you can drag it around so that it is centred properly.
8. Save your ScreenFlow video.

If you still cannot get ScreenFlow to work for you, go to lesson 3.  The notes above have been expanded upon.

Read over the upload to YouTube section.

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