Creating the It’s Supernatural TV Show Intro

Indiana JonesWhen trying to get your audience’s attention, you have about three seconds. Otherwise you could lose a goodly number of them.

The producers of It’s Supernatural grabbed people’s attention from the very beginning of their intro by using an image reminiscent of the most famous archeologist in Hollywood history — Indiana Jones.

One of the subjects that can appear in It’s Supernatural is prophecy from ancient Hebrew scriptures. So, they grab people’s attention by using a man wearing a fedora and wearing a leather jacket. He is unrolling an ancient Hebrew scroll.

In this lesson you will learn how to make an introduction similar to the one below taken from the It’s Supernatural television series.

The TV show began with the interviewer giving a short description of the program that was about to happen. Then there was smoke. As the smoke cleared away, the camera was zooming into a window. There was the archeologist unrolling a scroll with ancient Hebrew writing on it. The camera eventually zoomed into the writing on the scroll. Record the audio as the narrator asks, “Can ancient secrets of the supernatural be rediscovered?”

If you have studied this tutorial starting at lesson 1, making this particular video with your smartphone should be relatively easy. If you do not have any video editing software, you can download a trial copy of ScreenFlow and start making your video now.

In the next scene the narrator asks, “Do angels exist?” To make this one you may want to make yourself a $5 green screen. Take a video of yourself or a friend with a green screen behind them.

Make a white cardboard cutout of an angel. Have someone holding the angel in front of a green screen. While they are moving parts of the angel, you can be video taping it.

If you are unsure how to utilize the green screen feature of ScreenFlow most efficiently, look at the green screen example.

Take a video of an office tower.Because the angel has to be transparent, that video will have to be saved as an MP4 file. Then it will have to be drug from the desktop to a Keynote slide.

Graphic KeynoteYou have to use the graphic feature of the Keynote inspector. Select the MP4 file of the angel video. So that people can see through the angel, you will have to move the opacity slider.

twoClipsNow you are ready to edit your little scene using ScreenFlow. Your bottom clip on the timeline will be the office tower. The one above that will be the angel and the one above that will be you or your friend.

That is all of the information you need about the angel video. Using your intuition, make the video now. If you do it now, you should be able to understand the next set of instructions very well.

In the next scene the narrator asks, “Is there life after death?” Suppose your friend is the person lying in bed acting as the dead person. That video would have a green screen behind it and be saved as an MP4 file.

You would take a second video of the person getting up. That would also have a green screen behind it and be saved as an MP4 file.


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