Converting Video to MP4 Online

ScreenFlow export file as MP4Use File > Export

In this tutorial, you occasionally capture YouTube videos using ScreenFlow . In one instance, you want to give people a good idea of how a laser etching machine works. So, that YouTube video has to be running within your video for 25 seconds.

Unless there is some other activity going on within the video clip, 25 seconds of a laser etching machine would be boring for the viewer. So, you have to use a Keynote slide with several things going in within that 25 second period.

In order to display a video within Keynote, it is best to have it in the MP4 format. To learn how to get a video into the MP4 format, some people would just go online. They would search for something such as converting video to MP4 online .

export as an MP4 file

There is some really bad “free” software out there. Do not do that.

Instead, simply use your ScreenFlow export function.

MP4, just follow this example

1. Using ScreenFlow , capture and edit any YouTube video. When you edit it, make sure you delete the two black bars on the side.

2. Let us say you named it Sample. Then you would use your ScreenFlow menu to export it as Sample.mp4 .

3. Open iPhoto and drag Sample.mp4 from Finder into the folder you are using in your media panel.

4. Open Keynote, create a slide and drag Sample.mp4 into it.

5. Add other MP4 files, images and moving text onto the screen in order to keep your viewer interested.

6. Remember the 5-second rule. If you do not have something interesting happen on your video within 5 seconds, you can lose your audience.
For more information on MP4 files, see  this page.

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