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This page is about computer troubleshooting. It describes some of the website development problems I have had and how I solved them.

Changes to CSS style sheet
Cordless mouse stops intermittently
Deleting YouTube Videos
Extra spaces between lines
Menu headings to left margin

Meta description in head
Mouse cursor is frozen
PayPal buttons are too far apart
Slashes mysteriously appearing in my source code
YouTube videos cannot be deleted

Could not move horizontal menu headings to left margin

WordPress horizontal menu I made a horizontal menu heading called Lessons 6-10.  I wanted it to show up on my computer troubleshooting with horizontal menu
pages as a tab people would see on the menu before they even moved their mouse.  When I first created the heading tab, it was sitting at the bottom of all of the tabs flushed against the left-hand margin.  However, when I dragged it upwards, the words sub menu always appeared and it was shifted over to the right.

I contacted the WordPress forum. The email I got back suggested that I change browsers.  I had been using Firefox.  I temporarily switched over to Safari and it worked perfectly.  It worked like the menu above from the YouTube Tutorial website.

I had been working with Firefox 23.0.1 and WordPress 3.6 with the Twenty Thirteen theme.

Extra spaces between lines

computer troubleshooting Extra Line SpacesWhen I was first setting up this website, I had imported my pages from another content management system. Some of the pages had too much space between the lines like you can see to the left.  After the word “with” I added a space and pressed the delete button.

However, the point #6 things were a bit more complicated.  That sentence had to start on a new line.  So, I placed my cursor after “ScreenFlow” and pressed the delete button.  To get point #6 on a new line, I pressed shift-return.

Computer troubleshooting with slashes mysteriously appearing in my source code

One day I was happily creating pages using TextEdit. I saved and uploaded a page. Then suddenly I received a huge error message. I right clicked on my screen and, among other things, the page was full of backslashes at the ends of lines.

After much useless trial and error trying to find the source of the error, I prayed. I suddenly knew what was wrong.  Now that’s how to do computer troubleshooting.

I use TextEdit to create my pages. Of all of the Mac programs I use, that is the only one that is notoriously unstable. However, 99% of the time it works so well that I do not want to switch.

I clicked on the format tab and it said, “Make plain text”. Without any prompting on my part, TextEdit had changed my text to Rich text. I clicked on “Make plain text” and my problem disappeared.

Deleting YouTube Videos

Because I am constantly tweaking this tutorial, I end up with too many similar YouTube videos. So, I have to keep deleting them. This is how to do it.

1. In the upper right-hand corner of your YouTube page, click Upload > Video Manager.
deleting YouTube videos2. This will give you a list of all of your videos. Each one will have a check box to its left. Check on the boxes of the ones you wish to delete.
3. Click Actions > Delete.

Changes to CSS style sheet not always reflected
in my pages

As I was designing a page using my CSS style sheet, I would never know whether or not my changes would take place. For instance, perhaps I would want an H3 heading to be centred, blue and 1.6 ems large. My CSS rule my look like this.

   font-size: 1.6em;
   color: #191970;
   background-color: #fff8dc;
   font-weight: bold;
   text-align: center;

My H4 headings may remain black at 1.0 ems high. It was unpredictable.

I emailed tech support multiple times about the problem. The same guy always answered my queries and he was not very good at computer troubleshooting.  He always replied that it was a programming error.

I finally emailed tech support and told them that I would like to amicably change web hosts. I said that I could not live with this problem.

I switched to LiquidNet Ltd Hosting and have not had the problem since. Not only that, but their tech support is amazing.  I don’t have to do nearly as much computer troubleshooting now.

Please note that LiquidNet Ltd Hosting is not the cheapest hosting service around.  If you are on a limited budget, it may be worth you while to check out a company such as Video Hosting – Website Hosting Starting At $3.25/month!

With them video hosting is optimized for video oriented content. Other solutions include reseller hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting, email autoresponder marketing, ecommerce website hosting, ssl certificates, rich content service, and much more!

Meta description in head of web page

Meta description in headTo help with SEO, each page should have a good meta description in the head.  To do that with a WordPress page, click on Edit Page and then scroll down until you find the meta description box.  Add a description of up to 156 characters.  Make sure your focus keyword is in the meta description.

WordPress Plugins NewIf a meta description box is not there, it is likely because your SEO plugin has not been installed.  To do that, click on Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard.  Then search for SEO and install the plugin called WordPress SEO.  Activate it.

Cordless mouse stops intermittently

I was using an expensive cordless mouse for my Mac.  It would stop once in a while.  Sometimes a number of times in a day.  It may be for a few seconds or half a minute.  Then it would work again.

I decided that it probably was because the radio waves from another device in our house was interfering with the mouse’s radio waves.  There is a way to change the signal that the mouse and computer are linking with.  However, I could not figure it out.

I live by the slogan I’ve got a Mac  and ain’t going back.  However, I found an old Microsoft wireless mouse hanging around the house.  I plugged the aerial into the USB port and started using it.  I have never had mouse failure problems since.

Mouse cursor not frozen

I turned my Mac on and the mouse cursor was completely frozen.  It would not move at all.

I tried the forced quit hot key (Esc-Option-Cmd) and my mouse became unfrozen.

(A hot key is a special key or a combination of keys on a computer keyboard.  When pressed at one time, it performs a task more quickly than it would by using a mouse or other input device.)

Another thing that may work is to simply change the battery in your wireless mouse.

Fyi, I use OS 10.6.8.

Big spaces between PayPal buttonsPayPal buttons are too far apart.

When I copied the code snippets from PayPal, the result that there was too much space between the text and the buttons.  It made the page look unprofessional.

Code with arrowsI found out that the less than character in the snippets of code was separated from the greater than character by a PayPal Code correctedhard return.  So, I moved the mouse cursor to each of those three places and pressed the delete button.  That brought the characters closer together and solved my problem.

Computer programming questions

Being a self-taught website designer, I have lots of knowledge gaps.  When I do, I like to get help from an expert.  I recommend Ask The Guru! programming questions and answers.

YouTube videos cannot be deleted

Recently I had a number of obsolete YouTube videos that could not be deleted in the usual way. I found out later that in YouTube-speak they were in a different account in the same channel as my other YouTube videos.

My solution was to email the gmail people and ask them to let me change my password.  They emailed me back with a link similar to /accounts/recovery /rp?a=AI_UWnkXRLV_ZFlBynvJzTWhjI91kSSboYBiluXfkYj 7eAjHzZtk97g7-_MEBMixjPJ9m9ut9uMwsh-IybmVAVJNMGsicq900ffL-HVt1una H0ol2xD4tB9M0QWokKHj7GeuHOFZm2XJNfgHi5YUui1iP2eoXQImc9bYEWH3D1I54 xvP9e20U4-hJOrLv8ksT_GlYmHs4y6qnaMPW_WfyYziO8BFcPQ5b2-ZYeBfC Lr26l6a49WKspi9CDNx00opKpI3ug8_dECP1uoZQ6uxPvoEzQ_Bn6fRfIT1Oz9VzER aufwEfeitpayXvlwGjpWQS2vbD5q3Mk8RmuwksbFBb_u6ySjIcx_FTw.

YouTube accountI clicked on it,

♦ Changed my password,
♦ Went to the page with the offending YouTube videos,
♦ Clicked on the blue square like you see to the left,
♦ Went into my channel,
♦ Changed accounts to the one with the offending videos.
♦ I clicked on Video Manager followed by Delete in the dropdown box.
♦ I deleted my videos.


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