Smartphone to YouTube, Family Video

Smartphone video clips, editing your own family video

YouTube with textWatch this smartphone video and then go out and shoot a few scenes. If possible take them of friends or family.  Then compile your video into something entertaining enough to send to your friends and family.

The video below was shot with an iPhone.  The shots were rearranged so that the part most interesting to the audience would be at the beginning.  That is something you must remember when making YouTube videos.  You must gain your audience’s attention in the first three seconds.

Family video assignment

Use ScreenFlow to edit your smartphone video.  Use Keynote to make text that flies in and out.  If you forget any of the concepts, click on a hyperlink for more explanation.

Your final YouTube video should use these video-creation techniques:
♦ Use ScreenFlow to rearrange your video clips.
♦ Copy a tiny section of one clip and repeat it elsewhere twice.
Freeze at least one frame.
♦ Export your video as an MP4 file.
♦ Display your MP4 file on a Keynote slide.  Make sure it is displayed at its maximum size.
♦ In various places have text moving in AND out of your video.
♦ When you are happy with your video, upload it to YouTube.

Sample YouTube video

Below is a sample YouTube video.  The original clips were recorded with an iPhone.  To edit and publish the video, all of the bullet points above were used.

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