A Million YouTube Views

This video had a million views

The video below had over a million views in its first six days on YouTube.  If you can duplicate this video, you have graduated from this course!

YouTube Statistics

YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users each month and  reaches more American adults aged 18 – 34 than any cable network.

If your video has a few million hits, you can begin making real money.   The monetization process works on a pay-per click basis, with YouTube paying you every time somebody clicks on an advertisement connected with your video.

For a fraction of the cost of a traditional TV commercial, companies are now able to connect with a huge online audience using broadcast quality videos.

Make a video as popular as the A Capella Science video above.  You can start making some really serious money.

Tips to help you get a million views

A Capella Science preview image1. The still preview image of your video is incredibly important. If that single picture is interesting, funny, or intriguing, expect to get lots of hits.  If it is boring, your chances are much slimmer.  Read  about how to change your preview picture.

2. Make sure your title is short and descriptive.  It should be something that makes people want to view the video.  A Capella Science — Bohemian Gravity may not be short.  However, the title that most people would use (A Capella Science ) is short.  Lots of people are interested in various forms of music.  Just the words A Capella is enough to get them really interested.

A good title gives people a good idea of what your video is about and what they can expect.  Getting a Million Views on YouTube would be a much better title than YouTube Views.  Lots of people would like a million views on their YouTube video.  The first title in this example is much more meaningful and enticing than the second title.  The first title is much more likely to be listed with the related videos on the YouTube page.

It is a good idea to have one to three keywords in the title.

A Capella Science with Text3. Be creatively different and entertaining.  The A Capella Science video is about string theory.  It is safe to bet that most viewers did not understand it.  However, the material String theory curved space A Capella Sciencewas presented in such an unusual and entertaining way that huge numbers of people recommended it to their friends.

After you post your creatively different and entertaining video, post it every place you can think of.

4. Make it short. Try to make sure that every second of the video is entertaining.  See if you can edit out the non-entertaining parts. The entertaining part of A Capella Science is short.  The part that would be boring to most viewers is at the end where people can close the video before they get a chance to see it.

The seven second video below got 47,000 views in the first month.  It made it because of the girl’s facial expressions, crunch and accent.

5. Use your tags to get viewers.  Think like your potential viewers.  Use synonyms and other related words. What if you video is about marriage.  Then your tags may include marriage, wedding, husbands, wives and families.  But make sure each tag is related to the video.

The keyword tool on the YouTube website can help you find the right tags.

subscribe 6. In your description encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  YouTube will send email notifications to each subscriber each time you upload a new video.

7. Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your videos.  Accompany the promotion with eye-catching descriptions.  Ask your friends to share and re-post your videos.

8. Make posts on blogs.

9. Make tutorial videos because people want to learn how to do things.

10. Have a long description.  The description can help your video get listed in the search engines.  So, make sure the first few lines are concise, accurate and informative.   Having good keywords in your description increases the probability of your video showing up with the related videos in the right-hand column.

If you have related content in the social media such as Facebook or Twitter, have links in the YouTube description.

11. Make sure the technical quality of your video is high. Study this website and learn how to use ScreenFlow .


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