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definition gurnIn this YouTube tutorial, you will learn how to create and upload simple or complex  videos. You will begin by watching a complex YouTube video. Then, one concept at a time, you will learn how to recreate it. You will

♦ Break that YouTube video down into 16 smaller segments and create  videos different from but similar to each of those segments.
♦ Combine the 16 segments into a single video
Add a spoken word audio track
♦ Add music clips using a free music library.
♦ Upload the finished product into your YouTube account.

If you puzzled at any point you may want to
♦ Click on the final project tab in the horizontal menu above or
♦ Use the index tab.

The video creation software programs used in this tutorial are
1. ScreenFlow
2. Keynote
3. Skitch

Link to 24 Things You Can Do with ScreenFlowWith this tutorial you will make a professional-looking YouTube video using ScreenFlow and your Mac computer.

(I’ve been using ScreenFlow for years & am very impressed. I would not want to be without it.) Note that I will get a small commission if you purchase it.)

Here is a partial list of what you should be able to do after you have finished this tutorial:

Animate text in a video
Add music and sound effects from a free audio clip library
Add your own voice and or image to a video
Use ScreenFlow
Freeze frames
Use a green screen
Highlight important parts within a video
Make a montage of still pictures
Play several videos within a video at the same time
Publish your video to YouTube
Get a free trial of the ScreenFlow video creation software
Watch some ScreenFlow video tutorials
Shorten video clip, e.g., 10 minutes of cloud movement in 5 seconds
Edit and upload your smartphone video to YouTube
Add a few smaller videos and moving text into larger video
Move sound bites within a video
Lower sound of background music while a person is speaking
Splitting video clips into many tiny ones and rearranging them

What ScreenFlow can do for you

Much of the video editing in this tutorial is done with ScreenFlow.  Watch the video below to see what ScreenFlow can do for you. After you watch it, you may want to download a free trial copy.

The main video you make in this tutorial must be very similar to the YouTube video below.   It must be different enough to be uniquely yours.  However, it must have the funny face contest theme and include promotion for a commercial product.  Watch it now.   If this video is too small for you, go to the YouTube website (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc4eixl9_5U) and watch the original video.

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